Artefacts are preserved through collaboration with Thwrite, sustainable bookbinding by Hannah Giblett. Funding for this project is provided by Sustainability in Action Group (SiAG) and Glasgow School of Art Sustainability. Paying particular thanks to John Thorne for his counsel and support for the project.

Weather Balloon occurred November 2018 at Pig Rock Bothy, National Galleries of Scotland: Modern One. The grounds at this time served as Phenomena Delicti during artist Emma Hislop’s time in residence. Weather Balloon acted as experiment, measurement, detection, record, experience – and in this way – device. Through representation as archive box and automated carousel projection the work takes format as different performative artefacts. Schematic documents that have evolved into a reimagined devices. These strive to contribute to worldly knowledge and are preserved as a record of such, artefacts by definition. The associative reverence of this ensures that there will be no contribution to landfill, with your help may this long continue. If a language can be lost so can a civilisation and all knowledge with it.

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