Emma Hislop lives and works in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Hislop works as a multi-disciplinary & ecological artist. She takes inspiration from unexpected connections, sci-fi, hermetic creation narratives and scientific research. She is keen to inspire others around the interlacing of science and art, through an emerging lens of ontological devices. She pursues collaboration with experts to unwind and entangle their knowledge with her metaphorical perceptions.

Her work has been awarded by the Sustainability in Action Group, Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop, Royal Scottish Academy and regulary expands her field of vision through unique residency programmes. She was the inaugural AiR for the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, helping to shape the programme, endeavouring to carry and embody a circular approach in her own work. 

" My practice follows encountered language and environmental occurrences. In recent works, I parody the landscape with the gut microbiome, in a correlation between ecological decline and the rise in chronic gut diseases. Doing so to draw comparative and imagined links between weather and health.

Drawing from research in ecology, meteorology, particle physics and biomedical science, I use experimental narratives of alchemy, sci-fi and pop culture to synthesise my ideas as a cohesive translation into objects.

My work endeavours to connect us to the in-between. Plains of communication unreachable by human senses and perception that support the rejection of speciesism.

Through a duality of process and research led experimentations in glass, metal, traditional and scientific approaches, I create experiences – and objects that encapsulate traces of them. Informed by collaboration with experts and individuals, there is a momentum which gives a sense of the semi-real, curated landscape. "

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