What is Left Behind (Solo Show)
Post Mortem Gallery, Summerhall,

‘What is Left Behind’ unveils the previously unopened to the public Post Mortem room as a new gallery space. Bringing together Emma Hislop’s practice and the history of the room within the Royal Dick Veterinary School.

Hislop invites an autopsy of synchronicities. Unpacking imagery from myth and lore surrounding Summerhall and Rosslyn Chapel; a stone horse from Summerhall to Roslin, a divinely inspired stone carving shrouded in murder and tangled in science, serpents and staffs confused through history between Asclepius and Caduceus. High art meets low, science meets myth. What was once fact is now twisted through time, what is left behind are relics and their tangled ancestral roots.

Photography: Olive+Maeve

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