Wind Bags: IN / OUT, 2018

A4 staple bound publication
Photo book and essay, featuring the artwork “Wind Bags: IN / OUT”

Limited edition of 10
Signed, £20 each

Tenki Archive: Conditions of a Tresury, 2018

9781388664435, Blurb
Soft cover, 8 x 10”, 60 pages
Photo book and essay, featuring the artwork “Tenki Archive: Conditions of a Treasury”.

Tenki wa nani desu ka?

Nani ga tenki ni naru?

Tenki Archive is the first artist book by Emma Hislop. Delving into her practice we are met with an archive/library/catalogue/treasury/map of time in Japan. Through meteorology and phenomenology Hislop explores the system. In network to machine and methodology to practice.”

Purchase on Barnes & Noble, £35 each, printed to order.

Purchase direct, signed, £55 each, limited edition of 5.

Onomasticon, 2019

Hard backed, cloth bound artist book.
Featuring essays by Emma Hislop, and a collection of works that compile the explorative seires during time in residence at Pig Rock Bothy, 2019. 

Works included; Poach Lab: Phenomena Deliciti, Cloud Chanber (& Released), Weather Balloon, Systemeterographgauge, Vane & Glossary - a glossary specific to this time of research and practice.

The unique nature of this artist book features a kineograph, a section of extended pages creating a ‘flip-book’. This animated mid-section truly transforms “Onomasticon” from publication as artefact to an artwork in itself.

One-of-a-kind Artist Book
Signed, £550


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